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Special devices

Devices, which belong to this group, are special devices, which means, we can’t assign them to any other family. It contains: amplituner, weather station, redundancy devices and so on.

These devices are meant for many purposes and solutions.


MAMP1s, CAN bus amplituner

Bus amplituner with built-in 2x15W amplifier, and FM tuner.
Also equipped with 2 line inputs, meant to connect additional sound sources.
It’s possible to connect any internet radio device (Chromecast, Yamaha), or RTV device.

It’s really good to act as a radio in bathroom or kitchen.

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  • Inteligentny dom Ampio - Modu³ amplituner magistralny
    Inteligentny dom Ampio - Stacja pogodowa

    METEO, weather station

    Can bus weather station, with full galvanic separation, which isolates bus part from measuring part.
    It’s equipped with measuring inputs meant to collect data from external sensors.
    It’s very useful, when you want to protect roller blinds, shutters or any other devices, which could damage in case of wind.
    We can see the values from the device in mobile app, or on the LCD panels.

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    MCON-CAN, bus separator

    It happens, that you have to protect your CAN bus in case of dangers, especially when your installation goes outside your home – to the garden, gate or garage, which is outside.
    MCON-CAN is made to galvanically separate two CAN networks. It protects main network from short circuits or over voltage.

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  • Inteligentny dom Ampio - Mostek sieci CAN-CAN
    Inteligentny dom Ampio - Redundancja zaslilania

    MREDN1s, power supply redundancy

    Device meant to increase reliability of the system. It allows to power the CAN bus from two independent power supplies.

    Two potential-free inputs can signalize, if one of power supplies fails, or when system is being powered from the battery.
    Additional output, with Open Collector, with optical separation, we can use ex. for turning on power generator.

    Device has a port for connecting resistor for CAN bus, and CAN bus switch with 5 outputs.

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    MSENS-2, Multi sensor

    MSENS2 is used to measure temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality, noise and light intensity. Made to mount on the wall.

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  • Inteligentny dom Ampio - Multi czujnik temperatura, wilgotnoœæ ciœnienie
    Inteligentny dom Ampio - Redundancja zaslilania

    MP3PLAY-1s audio player

    If it’s necessary to play voice warning, or to play any other audio files, this device gives such possibility.
    It is equipped with microSD slot, where you can put your audio files, which should be played.
    By connecting it to MAMP, or any other amplifier, Ampio system can play welcome message, inform us about flood detection, and clicking doorbell button can play any file from memory.

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