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IP server

Devices connecting CAN bus with IP network. This group contains products connecting IP technology with Ampio Smart Home CAN bus. This devices allow user to connect with the system through mobile App and to integrate IP devices.


MSERV-3s – IP server

Latest version of this device, gives many possibilities.
Available to mount internal, wireless LoRa adapter.

Wyjścia są odseparowane od siebie jak w modułach MPR8s, więc można sterować zupełnie niezależnymi obwodami, np. każdy z obwodów może być zasilany z różnych faz, zasilaczy, itd… Has 8 separated outputs, just like MPR-8s, with difference of maximum load – MSERV has 5A maximum load per output.

It has 8 potential-free inputs, and 1 1-Wire input.

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  • Inteligentny dom Ampio - Serwer-Brmka IP
    Inteligentny dom Ampio - Ramka do iPad Air

    In-wall frame for iPad Air 9,7″

    Thanks to this product, we can convert iPad into a control center of our home
    Enclosure contains metal wall frame, and front, glass enclosure.

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