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Real time clock modules and temperature controllers

Devices from this group have Real Time Clock (RTC) built-in, with backup battery. They supply the system with actual time and date. Using entered longitude and latitude they can calculate sunset and sunrise time. They have automatic daylight saving time (DST) switching.

All of MRT family modules are in DIN-rail version. Thanks to information about sunset and sunrise, we can make conditions from this informations. We can turn on the lighting when it’s getting dark, etc.

MRT family also contain temperature controllers. They can regulate the temperature in each room independently.

We have in offer versions for managing from 1 up to 32 heating/cooling zones. Should we need more zones, we can add more MRT modules.

As measuring devices, we use data from digital Dallas temperature meters, which can be connected to any device in the system. We assign (with software) temperature sensor ex. from MDOT to heating zone 1. Temperature sensors aren’t physically connected to MRT.

MRT controller acts as regulator and sends to CAN network informations about variation of actual temperature from set temperature. Thanks to this information, relay can control valve, pump or any other element, which affects heating or cooling.


MRTCs, Real Time Clock

Device for DIN rail mount. This module enables Ampio system to make conditions from date and time. It also has possibility to enter longitude and latitude, which allows you to make conditions from sunset and sunrise, with mounting dusk sensors.

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    MRT1s-32s, zone temperature regulators

    Device for DIN mount.

    Basic idea of this device is controlling and managing heating/cooling, on the basis of temperature measurements, delivered by 1Wire sensors, connected to any device in CAN network.
    Module sends information about zone state, and Ampio system controls valves, fans, or AC through relays or integration interfaces.

    This module also has Real Time Clock built-in.

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