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Modules with relay outputs, used to control electric motors

MROLs are in versions for DIN-rail mount, and also in flush-mounted electrical box modules.

As a name suggests, they are meant to control roller shutter and blinds, but they are also useful to control any electric motors, which work in two directions (valves, gates, etc.)

These devices give full comfort when using roller shutters, blinds, gates etc. As they are a part of whole system, you can control roller shutters individually or globally. You can even make scenes – like cinema scene – close all the roller shutters, and turn on the projector.

Zaimplementowane funkcje z myślą o napędach żaluzji, pozwalają na pozycjonowanie całej żaluzji, jak i również samych lamelek w oczekiwanym położeniu. Implemented functions are meant to control rollers, ant they are capable of positioning whole roller shutter, and also can control slats position.

Most of MROL family devices allow have also 1-Wire input, for Dallas temperatur sensors.


MROL-4s, 4 roller shutters module

Biggest module from MROL group. Based on MPR-8s (they have the same hardware, called in price list as MREL-8s – during first configuration you choose, if you want to upload MPR or MROL software).

This device has 8 potential-free inputs, and 1-Wire input for Dallas temperature sensors (up to 6).

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  • Inteligentny dom Ampio - Steronik czterech rolet na szyn DIN
    Inteligentny dom Ampio - Steronik jednej rolety na szyn DIN

    MROL-1s, 1 roller shutter module

    Version for DIN rail.

    Equipped with 2 relays, used to control 1 roller shutter.
    Based on MPR-2s hardware (both devices are presented in proce list as MREL-2s – during first configuration you can upload MPR or MROL firmware).

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    MROL-1p, 1 roller shutter module

    Version for standard 60mm diameter flush-mounted electrical box.
    Designed to fit to small electric box behind in-wall mechanical switches.

    MROL-1p has two relay outputs and 2 potential-free inputs, for connecting mechanical switches.

    It also has 1-Wire input for temperature sensors.

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  • Inteligentny dom Ampio - Steronik jednej rolety do montau w puszcze
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