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Relay modules

Devices with very wide range of possible applications. Available in two versions – standard DIN rail, and in-wall electrical box (flush mounted).

Thanks to relay outputs, it can control almost every device working on on/off basis. Possibilities are really wide – starting from lighting, electric valves, cutting electric circuits, ending on electric drives. Relay contacts can also act as a potential-free integration with other systems. Examples: electric gates, simple integrations with alarm systems, some recuperators, and devices such like these.

Some models, besides relays, has also potential-free inputs.
Thanks to them, we can connect standard mechanical switches to the system.
These inputs give also possibility of multi-system integration, connecting limit switches, and sensors with OC output, or relay output.

These devices in two versions (flush and DIN) have also 1-Wire input, used to connect up to 6 Dallas temperature sensors in one bus. Temperature sensors can be used to control temperature in rooms, display the temperature on LCD display in MDOT panels, in mobile app, or to control devices.


MPR-8s, module with 8 relay outputs

This version of MPR is equipped with 8 relays.

Each relay output is separated from the rest, so each output can control independent circuits, powered from different power supplies or from different phases.

MPR-8s has 8 potential-free inputs, with the same functionality, as in any different Ampio modules.

It has also built-in 1-Wire port, used to connect Dallas temperature sensors.

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  • Inteligentny dom Ampio - Modu z omioma wyjciami przekanikowymi
    Inteligentny dom Ampio - Modu z dwoma wyjciami przekanikowymi

    MPR-2s, 2-relay module

    Version for DIN-rail

    MPR-2s has 2 relay outputs, with maximum load of 16A for 2 outputs simultaneously.

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    MPR-2p, 2-relay module

    Version for mounting inside a standard, 60mm diameter electrical box.
    Designed for retro-fit installations.

    MPR-2p has two relay outputs and 2 potential-free inputs, for connecting mechanical switches.

    It also has 1-Wire input for temperature sensors.

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  • Inteligentny dom Ampio - Modu z omioma wyjciami przekanikowymi do montau w puszce
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