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Modules for multi-protocol integrations

These devices allow one- or two-direction integration with any systems, that have serial port or any other supported interface, ex. DALI, Z-Wave, 0-10V control. These devices exist in many different versions, depending on needs. We have in offer RS232, RS485 (MODBUS), DALI, 0-10V DC, Z-Wave Module, and KNX module.

All of these modules are meant to mount o DIN rail. Modules with RS232 and RS485 are universal devices.

The way of integration in case of serial ports depends on software uploaded by installer to the module. Integration software is free of charge, like all of our updates. We still develop more and more integrations, which are described in instructions, which we provide for our installers.

We have software for recuperation, ACs, alarm systems (SATEL, Jablotron), weather stations, and so on…

For simple integrations we have universal software, which allows you to send any data frame to serial port, which is enough in most cases of integrations, which use RS232, and RS485.

Dedicated software allows also two-direction communication – we can send requests and download data from integrated devices. They can work in master and slave mode.


MCON232, RS232 integration interface

DIN-rail mount
Designed for multi-system integration using RS232 serial protocol.
This device is an universal element of Ampio Smart Home family. You can upload dedicated integration software to this module.
Software is uploaded by installer, by choosing one from available integrations.
For simple one-way integrations, we developed fully configurable universal software.

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  • Inteligentny dom Ampio - Interfejs RS-232
    Inteligentny dom Ampio - Interfejs RS-485

    MCON485, RS485 integration device

    DIN-rail mount.
    Designed for multi-system integration using RS485 serial protocol.
    This device is an universal element of Ampio Smart Home family. You can upload dedicated integration software to this module.
    For MODBUS RTU we developed two-direction universal software. It’s possible to integrate 90% of devices supporting this protocol, such as ACs, recuperators, power meters, weather stations, etc.
    Firmware is fully parameterized and supports many devices on one RS485 bus. It means, you need only 1 RS485 module even if you have many devices to integrate. Only MCON’s memory is a limit.
    It allows you to download any data from MODBUS registers, and to control devices through Ampio Smart Home system.

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    MDALI, DALI lights integration

    DIN rail mount.
    Device made for integration Ampio system with DALI lights system. It allows to control DALI compatible lights.
    You can control group of lights, single lights or all lamps at once.
    It also have full functionality of DALI programmer, including lights lookup, adressing or setting DALI parameters.
    Module is also equipped in power source for powering DALI bus – you don’t have to buy separate power supply for DALI bus.

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  • Inteligentny dom Ampio - Interfejs Dali
    Inteligentny dom Ampio - Interfejs Z-Wave

    MZWAVE, Z-Wave integration

    DIN rail mount.
    MZWAVE-1s device is a wireless extension for Ampio Smart Home family.
    It’s an integration interface for Ampio BUS devices, to connect with Z-Wave devices from 3rd party manufacturers.
    There are many Z-Wave compatible devices available on the market, so we made MZWAVE to make it possible to connect them to our system.

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    MOUT, 4 analog 0-10V outputs module

    DIN rail mount
    Device made to integrate Ampio with 3rd party devices which have control input compatible with 0-10V, 0-5V or 1-10V control. It is capable of controlling many different types of devices – lights, recuperators, inverters, etc.

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  • Inteligentny dom Ampio - Wujcia napiciowe 0-10V
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