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Ampio Smart Home means tens of different components.

Devices are available in versions suitable for DIN-rail mounting, or installation in an electrical box.

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The range of devices undergoes continuous development, and system functionalities keep expanding.

  All devices can have their software updated at any time, even after they have been installed in a building. There is no need to dismantle anything. To make familiarisation with our offer easier, we have divided our devices into groups, according to device’s main functions.
Our products are manufactured with CE standards and meet European Economic Area CE norms.

MDOT glass contact switches

Devices look impressive and have outstanding control potential over the whole system.
MDOT panels are installed in a standard box of 60mm radius, in such a way that the glass touches the wall. This grants the panels attractive look, which makes them part of the interior décor.
They also make a very handy interior design device, which will not escape your guest’s attention.
Inteligentny dom - Panele sensorowe
Inteligentny dom - Moduy przekanikowe

MPR relay modules

The relay modules are manufactured either in a version that can be installed on a DIN rail, or in a standard electrical box.
The DIN-rail modules can be obtained as either two-relay, or eight-relay models. Modules that are installed in an electrical box, on the other hand, are available with two relay outputs.
Apart from outputs, the devices also have inputs, which allow for connection of any mechanical and transmittal relay switches, as well as digital temperature sensors 1-Wire.

MIN input modules

There are a couple of available options with input modules.
The first option is an in-wall module with four inputs and LED outputs. The second option is a DIN-rail module with eight inputs and LED outputs.
The 230V AC input module also belongs to this range, as well as low-voltage, line-input module (standard 0-10V).
Inteligentny dom - Urzdzenia wejciowe
Inteligentny dom - Urzdzenia z wyjciami typu otwary kolektor

MOC OC-output modules

Devices with OC-type outlets, which, when adjusted, get connected to ground through an internal MOSFET transistor. They make it possible to control low-voltage lighting with brightness level adjustment.

MROL roller blinds control modules

Roller blinds modules are installed on a DIN rail, or in a standard electrical box. The DIN-rail modules can be obtained either for one or four sets of roller blinds. Modules that are installed in an electrical box come as a one set of roller blinds option. Apart from outputs, the devices also have inputs, which allow for connection of any mechanical and transmittal relay switches.
Inteligentny dom - Sterowniki rolet, bram i aluzji
Inteligentny dom - ciemniacze

MDIM dimmers

Triac or MOSFET modules, commonly known as dimmers. Available either for DIN-rail, or electrical box installation. They can be used to control traditional lamps, central heating cylinders, or contactors with 230V AC coils. With the use of appropriate filters, the modules can also control electric actuators, powered by alternating 230V current.

MRGBW colour lighting controls

These modules are used to control colour LED strips. Apart from RGB outputs, they have an added channel for the control of a white beam. Each of the channels is controlled in a linear fashion, which makes it possible to set up any blend of colours. An additional channel W allows for achieving adequate temperature of white light.
Inteligentny dom - Sterowniki owietlenia kolorowego
Inteligentny dom - Owietlenie magistralne Ampio

MLED bus lighting

This is a bus lighting interface. It is used to control 16 lighting outputs. Each of the outputs can be controlled independently and set to different values. One three-wire cable is sufficient to connect all outputs. The cable is also used as lighting power supply and a communication bus between the outputs and the module.

MRT heating controllers

This range includes a real-time clock module and zone temperature controllers. The modules are intended for installation on a DIN rail. Both groups of devices allow for time-dependent set-up of the system. The zone modules are used to manage temperature in of each the rooms in the house.
Inteligentny dom - Czas rzeczywisty i sterowanie ogrzewaniem
Inteligentny dom - Urzdzenia integracyjne

MCON integration interfaces

Mounted on the DIN rail, it is used for inter-systemic integration via Ethernet. It is available in RS232, and RS485 variations. The device has dedicated software, applicable to systems that are being integrated. MODBUS protocol has been implemented in all different software options.

MULTI multi-purpose devices

Our offer includes also other devices that are presented in this section.

One of those devices is a bus AV receiver for DIN rail. It has a built-in FM tuner, RDS decoder, and audio amplifier. It is ideal to use as bathroom or kitchen’s sound system.

This range also contains our weather station, which provides information about current weather conditions.
Inteligentny dom - Urzdzenia rnego przeznaczenia
Inteligentny dom - Technologia TCP/IP

MSERV IP server/gateway

Access server module (installed on DIN rail), provides the system with even more possibilities. It connects with mobile applications installed on smartphones, tablets and PCs. The module enables the user to monitor the whole system via a smartphone from any place in, or out of the house. On top of that, thanks to AmpioCloud, there is no need to transfer ports. The module allows our system to integrate with IP devices. Thanks to API IP that we launched, Ampio SmartHome can cooperate with other solution of the same sort on a full scale.

RF Technology – wireless modules

To make the system complete we also offer wireless devices. Communication protocol used for this purpose is LoRa. This protocol provides high resistance to interference and wide operation range.

All modules are available in the version for electrical box. Modules are controlled wirelessly, over LoRa Interface. The LoRa Interface (antenna) is installed at MSERV-3s module optionally. It is possible to add further wireless modules and to program their operations over Smart Home Manager App from server’s level. Thanks to modern LoRa technology the devices have very wide operation range: in a closed area and in buildings up to 300 m, in udeveloped area over 1 km.
Inteligentny dom - Technologia RF
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