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This is a brief history of our business, and how we ended up in the industry of Smart Homes.

It all started in 1997, when we first took up manufacturing of electronics, developing alarm systems for the automotive sector. We gained extensive experience in this field, which led us to becoming one of the biggest Polish manufacturer of car alarms.

In the meantime, we have been manufacturing different kinds of electronics, including devices for PKP, SSN, Media Markt, and many other companies. Our devices are made of various products’ components that are manufactured not only in our region.

The Ampio brand came into existence during an audio multiplexers project.

Ampio Brand

Contrary to what one might expect, the name does not stem from alarm systems, or the automotive sector, but from audio devices. It is a combination of abbreviations of “amplituner” (ENG: AV receiver) and input/output.

Smart Home – how it all began

The idea of a Smart Home came about approximately in year 2000. At that time, it was still just a dream, and a set of student projects. We could already imagine then what could be achieved by Smart Home solutions, but in Poland barely anyone gave any attention to the idea, and there were hardly any sector-related standards in Europe. These are the times when the KNX standard (then EIB) started the normalization process, and under the current name it did not exist yet.

In 2007 we decided to turn our dreams into reality. An idea of developing a Smart Home system occurred. From that day on, our Smart Home has been incessantly improving.

Our goal

We have created SmartHome, so that all those who have expectations of their houses/flats (like we did once) could fulfil them at an affordable price. And fulfil them to their fullest.

We develop and manufacture devices of the best quality, great reliability and stability.

Ampio SmartHome is extremely flexible and scalable. Installation of our Smart Home does not have to end with the conclusion of installation works. We can take it further afterwards, at any given point in time. Therefore, the initial budget can be limited to a certain level, and the system can be further expanded, completed and configured at a later stage.

Experience and home automation systems

We have extensive experience in electronic devices development, and microcontrollers, as well as computer applications programming for different platforms.

Thanks to broad experience in the automotive industry, we have managed to get to know the CAN network inside-out. We know exactly what its potential and strengths are, not only on paper. There is a reason why our Smart Home connects via this specific network.

High sales of different kinds of electronics allowed us to gain experience in selecting perfect components for our products.

Our team comprises of automation engineers, electricians, electrical engineers, and programmers. Through our knowledge and experience, we have a comprehensive understanding of SmartHome-related issues.

Thanks to many years of involvement in the area of electronics, we have developed the highest quality devices. We choose components that will guarantee the longevity of SmartHome modules. Ampio Smart Home is a network of independent computers. Each of the devices is independently configured and able to respond to any data in the environment.
Knowledge in electroenergetics/electrotechnics allows us to manufacture devices that can be used, among others, in electrical wiring of buildings. That is exactly where Smart Home systems are being installed.

Proficiency in automatics expands our competencies further. It allows us to think outside the box when it comes to basic devices control in a Smart Home. We are familiar with problems related to handling electric drives, heating, ventilation, etc. We know the features of particular objects that are managed by our Smart Home system.

Throughout the years of our working on home automation systems, we have developed plenty of solutions that we can certainly boast about. Our Smart Home consists currently of dozens of different types of elements. Our devices are highly configurable, which makes the whole Ampio SmartHome system exceptionally flexible.

SmartHome assumptions and expectations

Our primary goal was to create a reliable, scalable and flexible system. We wanted to build a smart home that we, ourselves, would love to live in. And such is our Smart Home.

First part of our goal- reliability, is indispensable. First of all, we only use components of the best quality. We do everything to avoid poor quality elements when we manufacture electronic devices. We eliminate, wherever possible, electrolytic capacitors, which are usually the culprit in malfunctions of different kinds of electronic devices. Wherever we can, we install tantalum capacitors. All components go through a very strict selection process, already at the design stage.

We also have extensive experience in the field of ICT networks, and we know precisely what their weak points are. That is why we have created a dispersed system.

Our Smart Home does not have a central unit. A central unit that is used in the majority of house automation systems becomes their weakest link. In case of a central unit’s breakdown, basically all of the smart home functions are being locked. Central unit is a so-called “master” that divides tasks between actuators and verifies their statuses, as well as measured values.

Ampio Smart Home is a network of independent computers. Each of the devices is independently configured and able to respond to any data in the environment.
We also know the problems of radio networks. Their susceptibility to disturbance and possibility of security breach. The only dependable transmission medium is still a cable connection. That is why Ampio SmartHome communicates via a cable.

Thanks to our expertise in protocols integration between different systems in various devices: from industrial measuring equipment, through the automotive industry, to medical diagnostic devices – we were able to analyse different protocols applied under different circumstances.

On the basis of our knowledge and experience, we have created our own system that meets our expectations, and fulfils our primary goal. In the very beginning, the system was altered a couple of times, and from then on it has stayed unchanged, and has been working impeccably for Ampio Smart Home.

We have also developed our own device configuration system. Apart from that, we have our own mobile applications, and IP gateway, which, apart from communicating with the mobile application, allows us to integrate the Smart Home with other systems and IP devices.

Users’ expectations are forever growing, and we are also constantly improving the functions of our Smart Home. We strive incessantly to always be one step ahead of the more and more demanding home automation industry.

Due to the fact that Ampio SmartHome is dispersed, it is one of very few alternatives to the colossal KNX.
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