Smart Home AMPIO is a system that, thanks to its design,
can be installed in any building.

With Smart Home you can control all devices in your house,
from lighting and blinds, to ventilation and heating.
You can control them from any place inside, or outside of the building.
  • Control other devices
    You can control audio and video systems, as well as other devices in your household. By controlling power supply in electric sockets, you can avoid, for example, leaving a plugged-in iron unattended. Integration with the audio system will let you create a pleasant, suiting atmosphere in different rooms, e.g. living room, kitchen, garage, or bathroom.
  • Control drapes,
    rolling blinds and shutters

    You are in charge of the comfort and safety of your house, and on top of that, you save energy. You can arrange drapes, rolling blinds and shutters freely, so as to create an appropriate atmosphere for a given situation.
  • Control heating,
    ventilation and air-conditioning

    You can control the temperature everywhere in the house. Each room has an independently running heating schedule, which allows you to reach ideal conditions in all of the rooms respectively. In case of high, summer temperatures, the system will lower the temperature in the house accordingly to your expectations. Proper ventilation management will grant you better comfort and will ultimately save energy.
  • Control lighting
    You can set up the most comfortable brightness and colour of the lighting to match a given situation.


Współpracujemy z: KNX, Z-Wave, LoRa, Sonos, Satel, Jablotron, D-Link, Google Home



New quality of a smart home

Thanks to its dispersed design AMPIO system is highly reliable. Its connection to a communication bus makes the system controllable from any place, both from inside the building and outside of it. The design allows for continuous modifications and improvements, which take into account your personal, changing expectations.

Intuitive and comfortable use

Smart Home is controlled via simple and intuitive glass touch panels. A set of icons added onto the panel is tailored to your needs. The possibility of controlling the system via your mobile devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet) grants you and your loved ones even more flexibility and comfort.

Stylish design

Touch panels are made of the highest quality lacobel glass in any colour chosen by you. They create the most unique ambience in all the rooms of your house. Visually appealing panels replace countless traditional switches, which also gives us unconstrained freedom to plan lighting of your rooms.

Multiplatform solution

The majority of mobile devices available on the market are compatible with our mobile applications. Regardless of what smartphone you have, you can use it to switch the lights on or off, change the temperature in your rooms, close your roof windows, etc.

Explore control

You can enjoy your life, we’ll take care of the rest

Would you not like everything to just be easier? Not a problem. With only one gesture you can create perfect conditions to work, watch movies, or listen to music. Everything is possible. Just relax and change your room settings without lifting a finger.
You probably have a lot of ideas already about how to save money in your household. Our expertise will only help you achieve it. Our devices are programmable in such a way as to help you put your ideas to practice.

less consumed
water per year
less consumed
energy per year
less heat loss
within a year

Numerous day-to-day
benefits of a Smart Home


Safety, comfort and cosiness, time and energy efficiency and intuitive control – you can have all of that and much more with Smart Home AMPIO.

Smart Home, integrated with the house alarm system, can determine when all family members have left the house. In such a situation, even if you forget to switch off the lights, or close the roller blinds, the system will automatically do these things for you, saving you money on heating, ventilation, and electricity.

When you go on holiday, you can change the temperature and ventilation schedules with one swipe of your finger, together with closing the blinds and activating the alarm system. If your holiday turns out to be a spur-of-the-moment decision, you do not have to come back home before setting off, everything can be done and set up through your phone. When you are away, ventilation is working only to the most minimal extent possible. You can make it as if you were at home. Your lawn will be watered to perfection when necessary, depending on weather conditions.


They put their trust in us

The system is a Polish product, to which we have sole rights. Among other Polish products, Smart Home Ampio is one of the longest standing in the market. Throughout the years, we have acquired many satisfied clients.

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