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A new dimension of control in your house
System Ampio provides you with possibilities that are not feasible with traditional installations.


Stationary control

Would you like to play with lights in your living room? Well, why not? You have to take into account a large number of switches that would have to be installed, though. Where do you find space for all of them? You have to plan at least 50cm of the wall to install them, and that does not look appealing.

Normally, in such a situation, you compromise. You have to abandon your original idea. Choose any mechanical switch, and Smart Home will help it control not one, but a bunch of different lights.

Our system can respond differently to a tap and differently to long pressing of a switch. It is also possible for it to count the taps. Therefore, you can switch some of the lights on with two taps, and the others with five. Using switches of any manufacturers, you can materialise your idea, and save space on the wall.

Smart Home touch panel

Custom-made touch panel from lacobel glass.

Smart Home LCD Panel

Safe, state-of-the-art application available on Android and iOS.

New possibilities of standard switches with Smart Home

Each switch can control multiple devices.

Inteligentny dom Ampio SmartHome - sterowanie panel MDOT18 Inteligentny dom Ampio SmartHome - Sterowanie iPAD

Stylish Smart Home touch panels made of glass can replace traditional light switches.

Using high quality lacobel glass in any chosen colour gives the panel a unique character, while adding certain icons on the switch makes it extremely easy and straightforward to use.
Smart Home panels complement the interior of the whole room with their unique design.
Icons on the panel clearly indicate what is being managed by a given field, and the control light informs you if the programmed function is active, or not. For example, if you, by accident, left the lights on in the garage, garden, or basement, the control light will indicate it.

Apart from being able to choose any colour from a wide range of lacobel glass colours, you can also decide what colour will be used to illuminate the icons, and what colour would the control light be. Illumination of pictograms allows us to easily locate the panel at night and to clearly see the icons’ functions.
There are two sizes of touch panels available: 90mm x 90mm and 160mm x 90mm. They come in variations of 18, 15, 9, 6, 4 and 2 fields, so we are able to replace up to 18 traditional switches with a simple configuration of one panel. 15 and 6 field variations have a colour LCD screen that can represent different values. Such a panel will inform you, e.g. about the time and date, temperature outside, and it can also act as a local controller of rooms’ temperature.

Examples of color panels:    

Smart Home LCD panel mounted on the wall and equipped with a large, colour touchscreen allows you to control the whole house from one place.

Status of all receivers is shown in a simple, clear way. System management becomes intuitive and natural, like never before. Managing temperature, setting heating and ventilation schedules, controlling rolling blinds and lights, and controlling the house alarm system, are only some of the numerous functions that the LCD panels’ software provides.

Nowadays, you can equip your house with a lot of different monitoring devices, e.g. IP cameras, video-intercoms, DVRs. Their manufacturers, keeping up with the general technological advancement, allow their software to work with various systems. Such software can also be installed in our LCD panel.

You can also check the weather forecast, or check the latest news online. You can leave a message, or a shopping list for your family to see on the panel’s screen. LCD panel will become the main command and control centre.

Examples of color panels:      

Remote control – Smart Home

Even if you are not at home, you have control over the whole Ampio Smart Home system.

Ampio system can be accessed remotely through a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Applications compatible with all popular mobile devices have been developed, and allow you to control all Smart Home functions without leaving your couch. All you need is your smartphone, or tablet.

You can check if all the lights are off, or if the external roller blinds are down at dusk.

Your mobile phone will play a role of a cordless “house remote”, which will let you dim the lights before taking a nap, change brightness of the lights and create appropriate atmosphere before watching a movie, or play your favourite music, without lifting a finger.
You can control your whole house from your couch, garden, or even bath tub. You can prepare the house for your return from a holiday via the internet. You can switch off the lights that you had forgotten to switch off before leaving for work from your office.
Your mobile phone turns into another control centre.


Control whatever you want

Smart Home Ampio output modules let you control virtually each ad every device in the building and its vicinity. Starting from lights, blinds and heating, to audio-video systems.
You can shut off water, or gas when you are not at home.

By using appropriate sensors, you can largely improve safety of your house, and in case of extreme incidents, also save money. A good example of such sensors are flood sensors that can be installed, for example, on the floor by the basin. The majority of us have taps in their basins with rubber connecting hoses. When that hose pipe breaks in a block of flats during you absence, you neighbours will react soon enough for the damage not to be too costly (repairs in own flat and the flat of closest neighbours). However, if you stay in a detached house and the rubber hose breaks, e.g. in a bathroom on the first floor, a water meter will register up to a couple thousands litres of water used, the house will require an overhaul, and furniture will have to be replaced. One sensor, one valve and Smart Home can spare you all of this. The system will respond by shutting off the water immediately after detecting a problem. All you will have to do is find a cloth and dry the minimal spillage on the floor.

Modules will also take care of watering your garden, or other green areas, depending on the weather conditions outside. The system makes it possible to create a predefined set of events, which are determined by the atmosphere and situation. You can set up a different “event” to control lights for TV watching, listening to the radio, book reading, or enjoying a meal. Imagine such a commercial-like situation: we open the house door, the system opens the blinds, switches on the lights in the hall, puts your favourite record on, and starts a fire in the fireplace. Yes, you could also use a robot maid to bring you a glass of wine, or other favourite beverage, but that is just a matter of time… Ampio Smart Home is bound only by the limits of our imagination, but our imagination is also developing the Ampio system. We can improve and update Smart Home according to your expectations. See how Smart Home Ampio can make your life easier.

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